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OpenVISP Tools and Panels: mod_vhs 1.1.0 Is out
New module mod_vhs 1.1.0 is finaly out of the box. This module now has dropped libhome support. Have a look to change log !
Added by Xavier Beaudouin over 3 years ago

OpenVISP Tools and Panels: OpenVISP Admin 1.0 RC1 is out
OpenVISP Admin 1.0 RC1 is out. Please tests and feedback.
Added by Xavier Beaudouin about 4 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Network IDS (11/25/2013 03:51 PM)

    Network IDS project.

  • Association Kazar (11/28/2012 04:45 PM)

    Association Kazar projets et bugs

  • weathermap4rrd (03/12/2010 11:39 PM)

    This is a personnal fork of http://weathermap4rrd.tropicalex.net, to be more up to date and get some nasty bugs fixed

  • Kiwi Stuff (01/21/2010 04:06 PM)

    Kiwi misc stuff that can be public

  • Syslogger (01/21/2010 03:11 PM)

    Syslogger is a software that send file into syslog (local or remote). This can be used for example to send a pipe like for example apache log into a remote system.